Mentorship: doing/becoming

I've been doing a lot around mentoring lately, both in working with mentees in a leadership development context as well as designing and running staff mentorship programming. While I've personally benefitted and been tremendously fortunate to have worked with mentors throughout my life, working with mentees and building programs for others to mentor successfully has been a new entry for me.

To that end, I've been reading W. Brad Johnson & Charles R. Ridley's "The Elements of Mentoring, 3rd Edition" (St.Martin's Press). It's a rigorously researched and tested set of behaviours and best practices for mentors, clustered by competency.  I'll be sharing my thoughts on a few of the key elements that speak to my approach with individuals and groups at Entry.

You're invited to follow along and contribute your own experiences, comments and questions. If you're interested in developing yourself as a Mentor or in benefitting from mentorship in your personal and professional arenas, let's engage.

Looking forward!